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64Audio U18t
U18 Tzar ™ od 64 Audio, to pierwsze na świeci słuchawki typu Universal-Fit z 18 (OSIEMNASTOMA!) zbalansowanymi przetwornikami zainstalowanymi w każdej słuchawce

U18t IEMs | Packed with an unbelievable 18 balanced armature ...
Packed with an unbelievable 18 balanced armature driver per ear, the U18t is our top-of-the-line reference in-ear monitor. This industry-first design pushes

64 Audio U18t Review - Major HiFi
For reference sound, the 64 Audio U18t takes the cake and frosts it twice. With a $2999 price tag, this expensive earphone guarantees the best

64 Audio U18t Tzar – Twister6 Reviews
It has 4 separate conductors, all inner-twisted, with a tight rubbery black shielding, and no microphonics effect. The headphones plug is a

64 Audio U18t Review |
With the U18t, 64 Audio constructively explores the limits of what is possible with in-ear monitors. The sound results are completely convincing and meet the

64 Audio Flagship Shootout - Nio, U12t, Tia Trio, U18t, Tia Fourte
The U18t is the U12t's older brother that has been tuned with more of a mainstream appeal. It's less detailed, less intangibly pleasing, and

64 Audio U18t In-Ear Monitors Review - The Tzar of IEMs ...
The U18 Tzar, which is now simply referred to as the U18t, was announced in late 2016 along with the custom IEM version of the same titled

Review: 64 Audio U18t (with lots of comparisons including ...
U18t is just the short name for U18Tzar. You might have read about the Linear Impedance tech on either the U12t or the A18S page. A18S is a

64 Audio U18t – Thomann Elláda
Audiophile Reference In-Ear Monitor with 18 Drivers and Completely Sound Tube-less Design The U18t's compact enclosure houses 8 balanced-armature woofers

64 Audio Tia Fourte vs U18t IEMs - Positive Feedback
The midrange of the U18t is airy, neutral and detailed—three defining characteristics that both it and the Fourté possess. Though there are 
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